Drawterm(8) is not a Plan 9 program. It is a program that users of non-Plan 9 systems can use to establish graphical cpu(1) connections with Plan 9 CPU servers. Just as a real Plan 9 terminal does, drawterm serves its local name space as well as some devices (the keyboard, mouse, and screen) to a remote CPU server, which mounts this name space on /mnt/term and starts a shell. Typically, either explicitly or via the profile, one uses the shell to start rio(1).


To get the latest source for drawterm from a system with Mercurial:

$ hg clone http://code.swtch.com/drawterm

In the Plan 9 distribution: /sys/src/cmd/unix/drawterm/ (sometimes out of date)

For more information and binaries for various systems see: http://swtch.com/drawterm/


When drawterm-linux starts you might well see an error message like this : cpu: failed to chdir to $dir where $dir is, in fact, pwd on your linux box. I haven't looked very far to find out where that happens because I added fn drawterm {@{cd /; drawterm-linux $* }} to $home/.rcrc and cd to the top of lib/profile to put me in $home on startup.

To access a Plan 9 cpu(1) server behind a packet filter, you need to allow access to the following ports: 17010, 17013 and 567 (to the auth(8) server).


Drawterm to your terminal, drawterm(8), http://swtch.com/drawterm/