Wiki pages review

The plan is to review all the current pages in the wiki, removing 'junk' pages, and trying to fix and update the valid ones.

Because we can't delete files from the wiki, for now we can just list them under the TO DELETE list.

Here is the full list of pages in the wiki as of now, generated with the following command:

Local cd /mnt/wiki/; ls -Q | awk '{ print " *	[" $1 "]"}'

Take one by one, review if it has any errors or it's obviously outdated, if you are fairly sure that a page is correct, add it to the list REVIEWED and include the date and your name after it; if the updates required are too big to take care of right now, add it to the FIXME list, with a short comment about what you think needs updating, your name and date.

If the page is obviously garbage add it to the GARBAGE list with date and name; and if while it's not obvious garbage, you still think that the page should probably be deleted(eg., has been obsoleted by another page), add it to the TO DELETE list with a comment, name and date.



These pages contain something useful, or at least are not garbage pages.


this is more a question than a review. isn't it true that plan9 under vmware no longer works, and people are encouraged to use xen or qemu? if so, these two pages should be buried under old_wiki_pages rather than encouraging futile attempts by newcomers. if you don't agree, please delete this text and move the pages back to the TODO section.

No, I use a current version of Plan 9 regularly under VMware server. There are slight problems, but it is workable. Lucio De Re - March 1st, 2008.


Pages that either can't be opened in acme or the web interface, that have been replaced, are failed tests, and other junk (should be self-evident by trying to visit them):

uriel explained the need for the following pages, so my objections are removed. i leave it to his judgement what to do with them.


(random newbie being picky)