Acme Wiki instructions

If you want to access this site using Acme, have a look at /acme/wiki/guide.

You can execute the first line to import the wiki,

Local srv net!!wiki wiki /mnt/wiki

and the third line to bring up the browser - though if you don't use the latest version of acme you'll need to run a new instance of Acme because Local doesn't import into the current namespace

Wiki /mnt/wiki/

The browser should be fairly intuitive given familiarity with acme.

To follow wiki links, right-click page names inside square brackets: sandbox.

You can edit any wiki page, then click Put in the acme tag to save your changes to the server.

To add a new wiki page, click New in the acme tag, then type the title in the first line of the resulting window, followed by a newline, then your content for the new page. Use Wiki syntax for formatting.

You may need to add the following line to /lib/ndb/common to define the default wiki file service TCP port:

tcp=wiki port=17035

though this is defined in the distributed /lib/ndb/common as of Sept. 07.


acme(1), wikifs(4)