Adding A New User

Creating a new user typically requires three steps:


To create a new user, first create the user on the file server. When running fossil(4), you can use

con -l /srv/fscons

to connect to the file server console. To disconnect, type ctl-\ and then type q at the >>> prompt. Type enter to see a prompt.

Fossilcons(8) describes the fossil console commands in detail. To create a new user run(replacing <user> with the desired user name):

uname <user> <user>

To allow the user to make changes to the system (configuration) files, which are writable by group sys, add the user to sys:

uname sys +<user>

And similarly if desired for the files in /adm:

uname adm +<user>

If you are using the (old) WORM-based file server, the equivalent commands are

newuser <user>
newuser sys +<user>

See fs(8) for details.


If you are running a Plan 9 auth server, you will also need to create an account on the authentication server, using auth/changeuser (see auth(8)). This step is not required for a standalone machine.


When the user logs in for the first time, he or she should run /sys/lib/newuser to create a minimal Plan 9 home directory.


fossil(4), users(6), fossilcons(8), newuser(8), auth(8)