Avoiding Screen Pollution From Kernel Messages -Diff-

Sat Feb 5 04:09:35 CET 2011, sl

By default, the kernel will print messages to the console device (see cons(3)). This can be problematic when also running rio on the console, as is common on terminals: the console output will overwrite the existing screen contents.

To work around this problem, open a new terminal window and do:

cat /dev/kprint

This works because, according to the kprint discussion in cons(3), "if (the) console is a graphics screen, the data is sent either to the display or to kprint, but not both."

If you'd like a more permanent solution to the problem, make a directory '/sys/log/consoles' and put a line like

cat /dev/kprint >>/sys/log/consoles/$sysname >[2=1] &

somewhere in termrc or the included files (see cpurc(8)), or in your rio startup. On cpu servers, it may be useful to open a new window with something like:

{cat /dev/kmesg ; cat /dev/kprint} | tee /sys/log/consoles/$sysname

This will save a copy of the console output while also displaying it in a more controlled fashion.

It is probably not a good idea to redirect these to /dev/null; they may be important.