Sources/contrib is a directory in the sources repository where anyone can upload their Plan 9 related software. Things in sources/contrib are not "officially" part of the Plan 9 distribution, but are still very useful, they include ports of various Unix software, documentation, scripts, experimental patches, etc.

To get your own directory in sources/contrib to upload your own code see how to contribute.

By convention, each contrib directory may have a README file, giving the name and contact information of the author, license terms, or other information, and an INDEX file, giving a brief description of the individual elements in that directory.

The README and INDEX files are used to automatically generate the Contrib index every morning. The README file is formatted for width and the first 16 lines printed; an INDEX file can contain entries of the form:

package_name: Description here.

Where 'package_name' is a path to a file or directory relative to that directory. INDEX files in the first two levels of directories will be included in the wiki index; package_name can refer to files at any level.


Another option is to use Federico G. Benavento's contrib package management system. To install this system, issue

/n/sources/contrib/fgb/root/rc/bin/contrib/install fgb/contrib

The Contrib index tells you the names of all users that have packages available under this system. You can list all the packages of a given user by stating

contrib/list user

or details of a specific package with

contrib/list user/package

To install a package, issue

contrib/install user/package

See contrib(1) after installation for details.