Gmail on Plan9

It is currently not possible to access Gmail POP via upasfs(4) by doing something like:
upas/fs -f /pops/

See this message for details. That message provides a pointer to a "pop3get" program which can be used to fetch messages and subsequently deliver them to a Plan 9 mailbox.

Gmail offers an IMAP interface, however, that works nicely for upasfs(4). Something like:

upas/fs -f /imaps/

will enable reading Gmail with Plan 9 mail tools.

In some circumstances, it may also be possible to use the Plan 9 mail tools to send via Gmail. If you change the last line of /mail/lib/remotemail to:

exec /bin/upas/smtp -sa -u -h $fd tcp!!smtp $sender $*

If you get a certificate error in /sys/log/smtp, you can add the certificate with:

echo 'x509 sha256=xxxx' >>/sys/lib/tls/smtp

where xxxx is the certificate from the error.

This will, however, send all mail on the system as that Gmail user. Also, if mail is ever queued for later delivery, the factotum visible to cron will need the keys to authenticate to Gmail.

If you replace /sys/src/cmd/webfs/cookies.c with /n/sources/contrib/fgb/cookies.c and rebuild webfs(4), it is possible to use Gmail's "basic HTML" view in the abaco web browser (see Web browsers).