Google Summer of Code 2007

GSoC2007 Inferno and Plan 9 projects and participants now have their own website including blogs and source code repos at


Plan 9 is an excellent environment to learn about many aspects of computing: operating systems, distributed systems, programming languages, network protocols, etc.

Plan 9 is not a difficult environment, and simplicity and elegance are its main qualities, but it is very *different* from anything else you might be used to!

Fundamental requirements:

General recommended skills:

Recommended Reading

If you have any questions you can check our irc channel #plan9-gsoc in or join the Plan 9 Google Summer of Code mailing list.

To apply follow the instructions in the Guide to the Google Summer of Code Student Applicants at the GSoC website.

All participating students will also receive an exclusive Glenda T-Shirt and an especial surprise gift!

And because we obviously won't be able to accept as many students as we would like to, as consolation we will give away a few extra t-shirts randomly among the applications that didn't get accepted.


We like to find a project that ideally suit the students who take them on. For that reason we are very happy to hear (on #plan9-gsoc on Freenode or the plan9-gsoc Google group) your particular areas of interest and expertise. Because Plan 9 is a complete system, which expands beyond a single OS, no matter what your interests, we should be able to find a project that makes you happy (we know that happy developers make for happy projects).

Here is a list of project ideas we have come up with as examples, Even if they seem complex and difficult, they are likely much simpler than you think. In Plan 9 everything is simpler ;)



File servers (for Plan 9 or Inferno, but probably best implemented in Limbo):

Port of foreign applications to Plan 9:

Kernel related work:

9P related projects:

Inferno and Limbo:

Plan 9 from User Space or other work in foreign systems:

Please add any other project suggestions to the list, see also:TODO.


Please, if you have any questions for the mentors, join the plan9-gsoc mailing list or #plan9-gsoc in


For a more detalied timeline see the official GSoC site.