GSoC 2008 Application Template

Abstract ::

[One to three paragraphs (around 100 words should be enough).]

[Give a 1-line summary, then explain briefly what work the
project would entail and what the benefits would be (maybe
one paragraph each).  Mention if this is a new project or
a continuation or extension of existing work by somebody
else (this is fine!).]

Verbose ::

Name: [your name here]
Email: [e-mail]
Project Title: [project title]
Proposed Mentor: [totally optional]

Benefits to the community:

[One to three paragraphs, 150 words should be plenty,
less is fine if the benefits are very obvious.]


[Break your expected work down into three to six chunks.
If possible, each chunk should be something which could
be usefully released to the community independent of
the others.  For some projects it may be more appropriate
for each chunk to be a milestone at which point your
mentor could download your work and test the operation
of that chunk.]

[Also specify which chunks you believe would constitute
minimum completion of the project, successful completion
of the project, and "time permitting".]

[Try to estimate (and we understand this will be very
rough!!) a total number of lines of code you expect to
write and/or re-write.]


[Describe your familiarity with Plan 9 or Inferno and
the project (include, if available, a quick summary of
relevant background from other platforms, including
applications, modules, or patches accepted by other
projects, if any).  Have you installed Plan 9/Inferno?
If so, have you then built a kernel or written a small
application?  List any major Plan 9/Inferno software
you are familiar with, e.g., your favorite editor.]

[If possible, please include one to three links to
web pages summarizing your work on a patch/project
and containing source code.  Code can be for a
class assignment, if you are allowed to make it public,
or for a personal project.]

[If relevant, include links to published papers.]

[Note that you do NOT need to provide all of these to
as part of a successful application.  But anything you
can provide in this area will help.]

Project Schedule:

[What do you hope to accomplish during the Bonding Period?]

[If possible, submit a draft schedule:  for each GSoC week,
from May 26 through August 10, what milestone do you expect
to reach at the end of that week?  Please mark any weeks
with conflicts you know about, such as exams, family travel,
major holidays, etc.]

[If you are not submitting a week-by-week schedule, you must
at least indicate what progress you expect to have made by
the start of the Mid-term evaluation (Monday, July 7).]


[How many hours per week do you expect to spend on this
project?  We are not expecting everybody to declare
40 hours per week; what we are looking for is a plausible
agreement between your hours, your background, and the
project you are proposing.]