GSoC 2008 Student Guidelines


We want every student experience to be productive and educational, and we understand that for many students this will be a larger and more open-ended kind of project than you have previously completed. We believe that open and frequent communication is vital in helping you succeed.

Experience gained through previous Google Summer of Code efforts and other mentoring and management activities over the years has led us to establish these requirements for student participation. We understand that some students may find themselves temporarily unable to meet these requirements due to events beyond their control, such as unexpected work, school, or family demands. However, long-term failure to meet these requirements will result in removal from the program.



Don't panic! We do not expect all incoming summer students to have been born knowing:

For problems related to installation, configuration, source control, and debugging tools, we recommend that you start with the #plan9 and/or #inferno IRC channels on If help is not available in real-time via IRC, we suggest sending mail to the plan9-gsoc mailing list.

For issues specific to your project, do not hesitate to contact your mentor. Furthermore, it will generally make the most sense for these communications to include both your mentor and your backup mentor.

If you feel the relationship with your mentor is not going well, please do not hesitate to contact the Plan 9 GSoC administrator. Personality conflicts do arise between well-meaning people and we will work to resolve issues as well as we can. Please realize, however, that it is important for you to get help right away: the role of the project administrator is to help you make forward progress so you can meet deadlines, not to override a mentor's correct observation that program requirements are not being met.