Setting the right keyboard map

To change the default ASCII keyboard map to your local one (e.g German) use
% kbmap

Select your preferred keyboard map from one of the entries in the list with mouse button three (right button) and then exit with the q key.

Alternatively you could also drop the following in your 9term:

% cat /sys/lib/kbmap/de > /dev/kbmap

To make this setting durable for $user edit /usr/$user/lib/profile and add the above mentioned line before(!) the switch where rio is executed. It should look something like this:

bind -a $home/bin/rc /bin
bind -a $home/bin/$cputype /bin
bind -c $home/tmp /tmp
font = /lib/font/bit/pelm/euro.9.font
case terminal
	echo -n accelerated > '#m/mousectl'
	echo -n 'res 3' > '#m/mousectl'
	prompt=('term% ' '	')
	fn term%{ $* }
	cat /sys/lib/kbmap/de > /dev/kbmap
	exec rio
(rest of the file...)

Instead of the German "de" layout you could also use the French "azerty" or whatever else.

(Todo: How to make that setting global in /rc/bin/termrc)