THM 2005-06-23 Summary

Original agenda:

Notes taken by If there are inaccuracies please email the fix to me and I'll update the wiki or fix them in the wiki directly. All names are given as the IRC Nickname used during the meeting with punctuation omitted.

Ericvh was the moderator. The meeting went for slightly longer than one hour. The moderator allotted ten minutes for each topic.


Uriel asked for feedback about the curent documentation.

20h suggested that there should be an introduction to creating documentation to help recruit new documenters.

Uriel started a discussion about what belonged in the wiki and what belonged in more formal documentation.


Uriel asked if anyone is still working on native Dis.

Uriel offered up the idea of merging Inferno into the Plan9 distribution.


Newsh said that he has not done any work on sparc recently and has started working on Xen 3.0 with Ron.

Uriel asked if Kuro has worked out issues of overlapping work with Jmk, but Kuroneko was not around and nobody could offer an answer.

Ericvh said that ppc64 work looks to be moving ahead but didn't have further details since he is not directly involved.

Newsh asked about how the cell would be used and Ericvh said the PPC core would run Plan9 and provided some examples of how the SIMD cores might be used.


Ericvh passed on a p9p update on behalf of Russ (who was not present). Work continues but nothing big is planned. Venti is working and available from the p9p CVS (although under a different module name). Russ and Jmk are going to put venti through its paces at the Labs and then roll it into p9p and Plan9.

20h is working on dtLinux 2.6 with some free time he has gotten recently. It will have p9p, Inferno and v9fs.

Ericvh also mentioned progress on a drawterm replacement under p9p which started off a discussion about drawterm and splitting up p9p into packages. The drawterm discussion:

The discussion on finer grained packaging of p9p:

Ericvh said he packaged p9p for gentoo and submitted them, although the packages are "lost in their bugtracker."


20h stated that there are two proposed solutions that have been developed and are in use. One is his own in use for and the other is tip9ug's implementation in use at

The potential for using Inferno's PKI-based authentication was suggested by Newsh and Uriel. 20h pointed out that the main obstacle is getting someone to write the code.

Ericvh expressed an interest in hosting some cross domain authentication server but may not be able to due to his network setup and a desire to maintain his current ability to authenticate against sources.

Ericvh said that there should be a wiki to collect information about the cross-domain authentication systems and Newsh seconded this idea.


The topic sponsor was idle and this topic was skipped at first and returned to when the sponsor returned.

Bakul expressed a desire to have a pre-canned automated installer that required no interaction.

Ericvh suggested that there should be an option to install a CPU server from the installer.


Uriel asked when VESA support would be in the install ISO. Nobody present was able to answer.

Uriel started off a discussion of wether the ISO should support both native and VESA drivers or only the VESA driver.


Ericvh called for a volunteer to moderate the next meeting.

Hyperion asked if the future direction of Xen 3.0 will adversely affect Plan9. Newsh and Ericvh answered that it will not since there are no plans for a Plan9 Domain 0.