Twente9con 2004

Tuesday 21 + Wednesday 22 December 2004 at University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands.

You are cordially invited (but please register, see section ``ATTENDEES'' below).

Enschede can be found at MGRS 32U LC 56316 87372 (WGS84 datum).

We will meet in building Zilverling, building number 11 on the campus map

I propose we start the meeting at 10:00 in the morning.


The meeting will probably in a BOF style, meaning: the agenda will very much depend on the interests of and contributions by the people present. Please add your ideas, proposals etc below (or send them to me, axel). (Note: editing via a web browser is no longer supported, editing of pages on this wiki is only possible via acme).

In the same week as the twente9con, sape will give three lectures in a course on on the design of concurrent/parallel systems (to access you may need the username and password that have been mentioned on #plan9), in which he will talk about Plan 9 as an example of such a system. We are welcome at those lectures (provided we leave enough space in the lecture room for the students). Schedule:

To come up with something like an agenda, it might be nice to know what people want to do or discuss, what people can contribute to the program (tell about or show), and what people would like to consume (learn, hear about or see); wether we will be able to match those will depend very much on the people that will be present. If you add an item to those three lists, please indicate your name.

What people want to do or discuss:

What people offer to do or discuss, and can contribute to:

What people would like to learn, hear and discuss about or see:


So far, three lists of attendees here:

Feel free to add yourself to the lists, and, for those in the ``maybe'' list, feel free to move yourself up to the ``will be'' or down to the ``will not be'' lists, and/or mail me (axel) when you know what you will be doing. I succeeded to arrange free lunches (if there exists such a thing), so once you are sure that you will or will not come please let me know. If you come let me (axel) know

Who will be there?

Who may be there?

Who will not be there? (potential attendees who unfortunately will not be able to attend).



For the meeting itself I anticipate no costs, but all I offer for that is the place to meet, some coffee, tea during the meeting, and lunches (dutch ``second breakfast'' style - bread etc) (I succeeded to arrange some funding for lunches and refreshments). I expect each to book his own accomodation and (apart from lunches) pay his own food in the university cafetaria etc. Also, both mechiel and I have some space for ``mattrass on the floor'' guests; if you are interested contact us (or me, axel) in time.

Getting to the venue, and maps:

There is a railway station ``Enschede Drienerlo'' near the campus (ca. 20 min walk, or fewer by bus line 1). Only ``slow'' trains stop there, so if you travel by ``intercity'' or ``fast train'' from elsewhere in the netherlands you have to change, e.g. in Hengelo. If you have to change in Hengelo anyway, it is probably faster to take a bus (see below).

There are buses from Hengelo central station to the campus

There are buses from Enschede central station to the campus

Maporama can show a map of the city, using e.g. postal codes. In the netherlands postal codes consist of 4 digits followed by 2 letters. For the campus, you can use: postcode: 7522 NB , city: Enschede , which will show you the campus, but not exactly the building we meet in, for that see the info at the top of this page. For postal codes of hotels, follow the links in the accomodation section below (they will be in the contact info of the hotel).

Wifi access:

Our university seems to have "Europe's largest Wi-Fi hotspot" (according to some web page here). To arrange (guest) access it will be useful to have your mac-addresses in advance.

practical information about the campus includes:

The web pages of the QEST conference that was held here last summer contain more information that may be interesting and/or still valid (like information about the ``venue'' and about ``transportation'').

A bit more about accomodation:

In addition to the university information about accomodation there is accomodation info from the QEST conference that still kind of applies. In addition to that information I have tried to find information about the less-expensive hotels here.

On-campus there is ``logica''. Most rooms have no own toilet or shower (shared on coridor). Room price approx. EUR 42 (incl breakfast). Contact info under QEST link; when booking there, mention ``twente9con''. The also on-campus ``drierburgt'' is more expensive, see their website (eg via QEST accomodation page).

Off-campus there is, among others, the parkhotel (contact info under QEST link). The parkhotel has rooms with (prices include breakfast)

There is a bus stop for lines 3, 17, 18 (see above) near the parkhotel.

This page is in progress, let me know your feedback at