What The Hack

When: 2005/07/28-31

Where: near Den Bosch, The Netherlands ( 51.5545143 N  /  5.3436764 E ) ( Lat 51°33.270858 / Lon 5°20.620584)

URL: http://www.whatthehack.org

Who will be there?

Who may be there?

Glenda Village:

A proposal, how it could be organised, in a scheme:

http://www.r-36.net/glendavillage.GIF (base)

http://www.r-36.net/glendavillage_pwr_ntw.GIF (power and network)

http://www.r-36.net/presentation_WTH.GIF (inner presentation tent)

A summary, what we would need:

The programme we could do:

The presentations could either be done over a beamer, on a whiteboard or by telling the listeners, where to find the PDF of the talk.

Talks that could be done:



anyone else?